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A Taste of Honey

A Taste of Honey is a about a successful, power couple trying to hold-on and save a lifeless marriage. Attempting to spice up their love life they have agreed to forgive past indiscretions while introducing some fresh, new excitement in the bedroom to get the heat back turned up. Attempting to mend those broken fences they decide to make a long time erotic fantasy of Troy’s come true, although exposing Yodra’s crazy unusual appetite. When the opportunity presented itself something goes terribly wrong as secrets are leaked, deception is constant, and lives are destroyed. A Taste of Honey is full of drama and erotic sexcapades written for the grown and sexy…a DRAMAROTICA!  

Troy and Yodra Wilkins is what some might consider a successful power couple but the reality, despite their success, is that they still face the same battles of infidelity and commitment within their marriage as most couples do, if not more.

Can love endure all? Can love forgive all?

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