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Ravry Sloan's Bio



Ravry Sloan is a long-time, home-grown Atlanta resident curating pleasures of books and art. Ravry shares her experiences of life through interpretation of erotic storytelling and expressions of imaginative thought.

Ravry experienced a sudden and untimely tragedy in 2016 when her son, Terry “Hawk” Dawson, II, was gunned down in his home. In 2017 an awakening of peace filled her spirit and she began painting. She turned her pain into paintings and shares her manifestations of her peace through art.

Ravry feels so much freedom in painting that in March 2021 she decided to launch a business to share that unexplainable feelings of freedom. Ravry now curates paint parties including a hand-sketched image, all painting materials and a socially fun, safe space to create a masterpiece. 


Ravry is a proud mother an “Angel” son, Terry “Hawk” Dawson, II (R.I.P. 1990-2016) and a beautiful daughter, Raven Sloan. Ravry is engaged to Courtney Rogers and studied Sociology at Spelman College.

Thank you for all who have supported my dreams and for those who have not yet decided, you’re invited to share my world…WELCOME!


~Ravry Sloan

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