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Dear Readers,


What is DRAMAROTICA™ you ask?  DRAMAROTICA™ is a word I created to describe my style of writing.  I combine stories dealing with everyday social issues such as life and relationships, the DRAMA, as well as writing about the intimacy and romance, the EROTICA; thus creating the word DRAMAROTICA™!


A Taste of Honey is another drama-packed novel filled with surprising twist and turns that will keep readers hanging on every word.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and supporting my dreams in being a successful self-published author.  Your continued words of encouragement are motivation enough to keep me believing in myself and doing what I love to do…write!!  Enjoy my second novel, A Taste of Honey.

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Ravry Sloan


A Taste of Honey


A Taste of Honey is a about a successful, power couple trying to hold-on and save a lifeless marriage. Attempting to spice up their love life they have agreed to forgive past indiscretions while introducing some fresh, new excitement in the bedroom to get the heat back turned up. Attempting to mend those broken fences they decide to make a long time erotic fantasy of Troy’s come true, although exposing Yodra’s crazy unusual appetite. When the opportunity presented itself something goes terribly wrong as secrets are leaked, deception is constant, and lives are destroyed. A Taste of Honey is full of drama and erotic sexcapades written for the grown and sexy…a DRAMAROTICA™!  

Troy and Yodra Wilkins is what some might consider a successful power couple but the reality, despite their success, is that they still face the same battles of infidelity and commitment within their marriage as most couples do, if not more. Can love endure all? Can love forgive all?

Troy is a powerful and controlling man who has always managed to make things turn out to his advantage in business, love, and relationships, or so he thinks. He is not only being challenged by Honey Sinclair but will he also agree to the demands of blackmail when found in some uncompromising positions? Has Troy finally met his match?

Yodra is a woman who is confused when it comes to submitting to the desires of her marriage or is her decision selfish? She wants desperately to be loved, but will she find it by any means necessary? She appears to be a woman who has it all on the outside looking in but does she? Do love, success and money equal happiness?

Honey Sinclair is a woman scorned and angry with the world for love not conforming to her standards. Comfortable in her skin but not with her choices and decisions, Honey finds herself with her back against the wall, fighting to get ahead by any means necessary. She conspires to put herself in a position she believes is rightfully hers. Watch the drama unfold as Honey begins her reign of terror. Will Honey finally get what she wants out of love or will she have to accept life as it is?  


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