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A "how-to" guide in completing college applications for processing and review.


College Bound: Unpacking the College Application Process, will guide you in completing a thorough application, as well as a comprehensive introduction of you for the college admissions process. We guarantee a smooth application process when following our steps, dedicating the time, requesting submission of official documents, following up with correspondences, meeting deadlines and providing all required information or documentations in a timely manner.


College Bound: Unpacking the College Application Process is geared towards high school seniors, new first-time applicants, transfer applicants, guest/transient applicants, dual/joint enrollment applicants, international applicants and non-traditional applicants.

Pre-sale COLLEGE BOUND: Unpacking the Application Process

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  • Disclaimer:

    College Bound: Unpacking the Application Process, does not guarantee any applicant a decision of admit, roll, waitlist, deferred or deny. What we offer are simply the steps and directions in completing a college application successfully. We guarantee a detailed, finalized college application for college consideration when you fully commit with completing the assignment. We simply address the 5 common mistakes applicants make when completing college applications, which causes application processing delays. We offer tips to help enrich the application, make suggestions for advantages and share rules of thumbs from my 15 years of working in a college admissions office.

  • No refunds | Non-transferable | Free cancellations.
    Each term shall automatically renew for subsequent periods of the same length as the initial term.

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